Our Vision

We will deliver a finished product that enhances the lifestyle and enjoyment of our client’s homes.

Our vision must be maintained and conveyed to instill high levels of consumer confidence in our capabilities as a company.

Our Mission

We create premium quality kitchens and bespoke cabinetry while delivering outstanding customer service to all of our clients.

As a family owned and operated business, we strive to maintain our competitive position as market leader by creating premium quality kitchens and bespoke cabinetry to enhance the value and enjoyment of our client’s homes. Additionally, we must deliver outstanding customer service to all of our clients to reinforce their confidence in our capabilities and our reputation for producing cabinetry of the highest quality.

Our Values

The following values foster a company culture based upon delivering outstanding customer service and premium quality cabinetry:

  • We must conduct ourselves honestly, ethically and with integrity at all times.
  • Our products must deliver high value, quality and longevity to all of our clients.
  • We must operate with high levels of performance and professionalism.
  • We must be easy to deal with, customer focused and reliable.
  • We must provide our customers with security and trust to ensure a seamless project delivery.
  • We must act respectfully across all levels of the business, both internally and externally.
  • We must promote teamwork and co-operation, while working together to resolve any challenges.
  • We must empower each other, while remaining accountable and responsible for our own performance.
  • We will remain a market leader by investing in innovation and new technology.
  • Most importantly, we will thrive on the excitement of our clients.

When you choose Alby Turner & Son Adelaide for your project, you can rest easy knowing you’ve chosen one of Adelaide’s most respected names in custom kitchens and cabinetry.