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Nail a Hamptons Style Kitchen Using these 5 Design Tips

The coastal elegance of Hamptons style kitchens is highly sought-after among both kitchen designers and home design enthusiasts, alike. The Hamptons ‘style’ originated in Long Island, New York amongst a group of villages called ‘The Hamptons’ and has come to represent relaxed, coastal living that embodies classic shapes, the use of natural light and natural materials.

A Hamptons style kitchen is light, fresh and sophisticated. This is a very popular style used in a number of kitchen renovations, as it suits a variety of interiors and is likely to increase the value of one’s home. To stay true to the ‘Hamptons’ aesthetic, keep your kitchen bright and airy using classic colour palettes, ‘shaker’ style doors and a ‘traditional’ style splash back that makes use of feature tiles.  

Below, we list five design tips that will help you nail a Hampton’s style kitchen:

Use Classic Colour Palettes

Classic colour palettes consisting of white, cream and ivory, alongside pastel hues, are synonymous with coastal living. Such colours make spaces feel light and airy, while making the most of natural light. If stark white does not appeal to you, opt for pastels as they appear softer and less confronting. 

Kitchen by Alby Turner & Son

Tiled Splash Backs

Whether you’re using subway tiles, 100 x 100 square tiles, stacking tiles or herring bone tiles, you can use your kitchen splash back as an opportunity to create a tiled feature in your Hamptons style kitchen.

Kitchen by Alby Turner & Son

Natural Stone Bench Tops

Your kitchen bench top is a central feature of your Hamptons style kitchen. For a more luxurious look and feel, you can opt for natural stone using marble or limestone. If you’re looking for a more cost-effective solution, use laminate finishes that mimic the look of natural stone. Natural stone will add sophistication and elegance to your space. The thicker the bench top, the more high-end it looks. Natural stone bench tops are also relatively simple to maintain, too.

Kitchen by Alby Turner & Son

Shaker Style Cabinetry

‘Shaker’ cabinetry is identified by an inset frame around the main panel of the cabinet and derives from 18th century England. A matte finish to your cabinetry’s paint work is preferable but a semi-gloss finish will work well, too. It’s important not to go over-board with gloss finishes, as they are not cohesive with the Hamptons style.

Kitchen by Alby Turner & Son

Door Handles

Use contrasting colours that are sure to ‘pop’ against your cabinetry. To add a modern twist to the overall look and feel of your Hamptons style kitchen, incorporate black handles. Alternatively, you can select silver or grey coloured handles if you’re wanting to remain true to the traditional look and feel of the Hamptons style.  

Kitchen by Alby Turner & Son

A Hamptons style kitchen is fresh and sophisticated; grounded in an old-world class. This popular style of renovation suits a variety of interiors and is likely to increase the value of your home. To stay true to the Hamptons aesthetic, keep your kitchen bright and airy, use shaker style doors, with a tiled splash back. Don’t forget to opt for classic colour palettes, contrasting door handles and natural stone to finish the look and to bring a little Hamptons style to your new kitchen.

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