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So, You Want To Go Industrial? We’ll Show You How To Pull It Off In Your New Kitchen

Kitchen by Alby Turner & Son

Edgy and stylish, industrial style kitchens walk to the beat of a different drum. The ‘industrial’ aesthetic was born in the United States during the 1950’s when old warehouses and factories were being converted into residential spaces. To remain true to the ‘industrial’ aesthetic, these kitchens typically incorporate exposed brick, elements of natural timber and plenty of light. These components, paired with stainless steel appliances and the use of concrete, allow for the conception of truly unique and striking industrial-style kitchens.


Exposed bring is a sure-fire way to play up the aesthetic ‘rawness’ of the space. Exposed brick evokes an abundance of rustic charm and is bound to add character to your kitchen, whether it makes its debut as your kitchen splash back or is used purely as a decorative feature wall.

Open shelving is a primary feature in any industrial-style kitchen. Open shelving allows for easy access to kitchen utensils and cutlery. One can even use open style shelving to showcase a number of decorative items, too. It’s also equally important to strike a balance between the ratio of open-style shelving to closed cabinet shelving. Using an abundance of open style shelving can make a space appear cluttered if careful consideration is not undertaken. 

Kitchen by Alby Turner & Son


Feel free to incorporate rough materials into your new kitchen including iron, concrete or cement. These materials scream ‘industrial’ and can be incorporated into your kitchen in a number of ways including your bench top, kitchen flooring or even your kitchen walls. Other ways to incorporate these materials, particularly iron, may include your kitchen stools, chairs or shelving.

Kitchen by Alby Turner & Son


Typical colour palettes used in industrial-style kitchens range from blacks, greys and browns to whites, creams and beige. It’s always more appealing to utilise contrasting colour palettes to create more visual interest and not to mention, impact. Another way to evoke visual contrast is to use decorative elements such as vases, bowls or pendant lighting that contrast with your bench top, splash back and cabinetry colours.

Kitchen by Alby Turner & Son


Incorporating stainless steel into your new kitchen is another way to remain true to the industrial aesthetic. Whether it’s your kitchen appliances, your kitchen’s pendant lights, bar stools or cabinet knobs, stainless steel will add a ‘commercial’ element to your new kitchen that remains consistent with the ‘industrial’ aesthetic.

Kitchen by Alby Turner & Son

Industrial style kitchens have become a wide-spread kitchen trend and have accumulated mass appeal due to their seamless blend of rustic and modern features. Industrial style kitchens can be integrated into almost any home and work best if you’re looking to create a spacious kitchen layout with loads of natural light that is still highly functional and not to mention, stylish. 

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