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5 Kitchen Renovation Tips from the Kitchen ‘Reno’ Experts

By Alby Turner & Son in conjunction with Blum Australia

The kitchen is the heart of the home whether you love to cook, entertain or spend quality time with your family. We understand that renovating your kitchen is a massive investment and because of this, you want to get it right the first time. 

Luckily, the team at Alby Turner & Son, in conjunction with Blum Australia, have put together five useful kitchen renovation tips for you to use when remodelling your kitchen. 

Blum Australia has remained a long-time partner of Alby Turner & Son. At Alby Turner & Son, we use a variety of Blum’s innovative products in our custom kitchen and cabinetry designs to enhance the overall functionality of our cabinetry for our clients. Alby Turner & Son swears by Blum’s state-of-the-art drawer mechanisms and highly functional cabinet solutions.  

Below, we list five kitchen storage solutions by Blum that you can incorporate when designing your new kitchen with us. 

Blum’s Sink Cabinet 

It’s very useful to have storage space around your sink. Blum’s sink cabinet uses every inch of storage space available and gives you easy access to contents. The U-shaped pull-out is ideal for storing away sponges, washing-up liquid and dishwasher tablets.

Blum’s ‘SPACE TOWER’ Pantry

If you want a pantry unit that offers plenty of storage space and whose inner pull-outs can be designed individually to give you easy access to items, then you’ll like Blum’s ‘SPACE TOWER’ pantry. The pantry unit comes in all heights, widths and depths and can be tailored to your individual storage needs. This clever cabinet makes optimal use of the storage space available.

Blum’s ‘SPACE CORNER’ Cabinets

Thanks to Blum’s ‘SPACE CORNER’ cabinets, you can use every inch of space available. Flexible inner dividers organise interiors and ensure that contents do not spill. These cabinets can also be implemented in different heights and widths, depending on your requirements. Full extensions can handle weights of up to 65 kg and still have a feather-light glide allowing for a soft, effortless close.

Blum’s ‘AVENTOS’ lift-up system

Equip your new Alby Turner & Son kitchen with Blum’s ‘AVENTOS’ lift-up system, which allows you to lift cabinet doors upwards, so they are parallel to the cabinet and out of your way. No hitting your head on cabinet doors and easy access to the cups and plates you’re looking for.

Blum’s Base Cabinet

You don’t want to hunt for pans and utensils when you’re in the middle of cooking dinner. This cabinet ensures that you have everything you need for cooking close to hand. We recommend installing this cabinet beneath your stove for easy access.

Integrate these useful kitchen ‘reno’ solutions by Blum when designing your new kitchen, to ensure a space that is functional and easy to work and live in.


Blum’s fitting solutions make opening and closing cabinets a mesmerising experience. Their products bring enhanced user convenience to your entire kitchen. Seemingly small things like kitchen hardware can have a major impact on the lifetime of your kitchen. Blum’s sophisticated motion technology boasts tried and tested soft-close ‘BLUMOTION’ to ensure your cabinets always close softly and effortlessly.

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