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5 High-Tech Kitchen Appliances That Your New Kitchen Needs

Choosing the perfect appliances for your new kitchen can be a confusing process, especially if you’re unsure of where to begin. The world of kitchen appliances boasts multiple brands, gadgets and features and it can be difficult for the average consumer to weigh up their options effectively.

There are many factors to consider when choosing your new appliances. These include: your kitchen’s style of design, its layout, its dimensions and so on. Luckily, the team at Alby Turner & Son, in conjunction with Spartan Electrical, have outlined five high-tech kitchen appliances that are sure to enhance your new kitchen.  Spartan Electrical has remained a long-time key partner of Alby Turner & Son. At Alby Turner & Son, we use a variety of Spartan Electricals’ state-of-the-art kitchen appliances in our custom kitchen and cabinetry designs to enhance their functionality for our clients. Alby Turner & Son swears by Spartan Electricals’ extensive range of premium kitchen, laundry and alfresco appliances.

Below, we list five kitchen appliance solutions available at Spartan Electrical that you can incorporate when designing your new kitchen with us. 

The ‘Self-Cleaning’ Oven

ASKO 60cm Built-In Pryolytic Oven Large Grill – available at Spartan Electrical

The popularity of self-cleaning ovens is growing rapidly and for good reason. These ovens are sure to save you a whole lot of time spent cleaning as well as a whole lot of money spent on oven cleaning supplies. Self-cleaning ovens (or pyrolytic ovens) use high temperatures to destroy the build-up of food residue that is often present on the inner walls of an oven. The fine ash that is left behind as a result of the pyrolysis process (the process of using heat and pressure to convert food residue into ash), is easily wiped away with a damp cloth.


The Blast Chiller  

SMEG Dolce Stil Novo ‘Blast Chiller’ – available at Spartan Electrical

Think of a blast chiller as the distant cousin of your fridge as it helps you preserve your food for longer periods of time. You can place recently cooked food into your blast chiller to undergo the rapid freezing process so it can be eaten over the course of the year. The beauty of blast chilling your meals is that it allows you to re-serve meals that were cooked months in advance, as if they had just come out of the oven. This allows you to enjoy the original taste, texture and nutritional properties of your food. Blast chilling seasonal produce to be eaten throughout the year is yet another major benefit that comes with this high-tech appliance. 


The Vacuum Sealer

AEG PrecisionVac SousVide Vacuum Sealer Drawer – available at Spartan Electrical

Vacuum sealing is yet another way to preserve your food for longer periods of time. Whether you want to seal your ingredients to use later while cooking or want to seal an entire meal that you’ve pre-prepared to take on the go. The French term ‘sous vide’ literally means ‘to suck empty’ and allows you to preserve your food for months on end while retaining its moisture and authentic flavours. You can prepare meals in advance, vacuum seal them and store them away ready to be re-heated and consumed.


The Pinnacle of Refrigeration

LIEBHERR Integrated French Door Fridge – available at Spartan Electrical

Be sure to invest in a refrigerator that has substantial storage capacity, an in-built water filter and ice maker for multi-functional convenience and is capable of being integrated into your new kitchen’s cabinetry. Enter Liebherr’s integrated French Door freezer. Benefit from coloured touch controls, soft close refrigerator drawers and doors, an internal water filter and ice maker and two bio-fresh drawers perfect for storing fresh produce at optimal temperatures. This fridge boats multi-functionality AND style.


A Dishwasher That Dries Your Dishes for You…

Siemens iQ700 Built-under 60cm dishwasher – Available at Spartan Electrical

You’ve rinsed your dishes, stacked them in your dishwasher, programmed it for its latest dish-washing cycle and now you have to dry your dishes too? Actually no, you don’t have to with Siemen’s uber efficient drying technology. Siemens dishwashers use ‘Zeolite’ technology to absorb moisture that is converted to heat which evaporates any water residue that is left on your dishes. Once your dish-washing cycle concludes, simply remove your plates, bowls and cups and stack them away in your custom Alby Turner & Son cabinetry. No drying required.


Integrate these state-of-the-art kitchen appliances available at Spartan Electrical when designing your new Alby Turner & Son kitchen, to ensure a space that is efficient, highly functional and breath taking to look at.


For 50 years, Spartan Electrical has been helping South Aussie’s choose their electrical appliances and is considered to be South Australia’s leading retailer of premium kitchen, laundry and alfresco appliances. Spartan Electrical has all of your home appliance needs covered with two state-of-the-art showrooms, one situated at 140 Henley Beach Road, Torrensville and the other at 631 Lower North East Road, Campbelltown.

Before you purchase your next set of appliances, make sure you head into one of Spartan Electricals’ Adelaide showrooms to explore their extensive range in a hands-on environment.

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